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Getting Started

Consult (free)

Let's talk! I'm always happy to talk and learn about your unique situation and needs so that we can discuss how I may be able to help. 


Intake ($80 in person $60 via Zoom)

In this session, potential clients will share their current struggles and strengths so that we can best tailor a program for your needs.  


Individual Sessions- Standard Package 

($120/week in-person $100/week via Zoom)

Sessions can be one 60 minute session or can be divided into two 30 minute sessions*. Session times are approximate, based on each week's needs. I will work with the student to create a shared digital planner which can be accessed by the student, parents, and myself. Sessions consist of goal-setting, organization, planning, and reinforcement of study skills. I will also aid in navigating the school's learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, Google Classroom). We may also spend some time organizing the student's workspace, backpack, and school email inbox.

*30 minute sessions are only available for Zoom sessions or at a hybrid model with one session in-person (in your home) and one on Zoom, charged at the home rate of $120. However, if there are two people (siblings or neighbors) booking back-to-back sessions, it is possible to do two 30-minute sessions per week in your home. In-person sessions are only available within 8 miles of central New Hope, PA. Additional travel charge will apply for visits outside of the central New Hope area. 


Individual Sessions- Premium 

($150/week in-person $120/week via Zoom)

This package includes all of the Standard Package services, but with additional supports. Depending on the student's needs and the family's preferences, regular email or text check-ins and reminders are available throughout the week. Services also include liaising with the student's teachers and in-school team. 

Let's discuss how I can be a valuable member of you and your child's team. 

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