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Can Executive Function Coaching Help Me (and my family)?  

Who is EF coaching right for? 

I work with students in grades 5-12 as well as those at the college level. If your child struggles with organization, has unfinished projects all over the house, has a messy backpack, forgets to complete assignments (or completes them but forgets to turn them in), struggles with the stress brought on by procrastination, or has an inbox full of unread emails, I can help. While those with ADHD are often more affected by executive function challenges, many students without an ADHD diagnosis are also impacted with the same EF struggles (including those with dyslexia and other learning differences, minimal traumatic brain injury, autism, as well as those without any diagnosis at all). 

I bring a warm and calming approach to my work and can help alleviate the stress and tension that can arise between parents and students who experience EF challenges. 

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